In line with its mission, the Philippine Nurses’ Association  of Tampa Bay , will include in its annual budget a set amount to offer scholarship award/s to  undergraduate, graduate, post-licensure certification &/or   post-graduate  students in nursing who are selected from a pool of qualified applicants enrolled in a duly recognized university, college of nursing,  or related institution/s of learning.  Graduate/post-graduate program applicants, or post-licensure nursing seminar/ certification tuition reimbursement-seeking applicants must be active and paid members of PNA of Tampa Bay.  Academic excellence, financial need and other related criteria as set forth in the scholarship guidelines are the basis of qualification and/or consideration for selection.


(Note: To be considered for selection for the upcoming school year,i.e., June/August   through March/May of the following year*, a completed scholarship application form , including all required supporting documentation,  must  be received  by the Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee between October 1 through the  upcoming last Friday of February .  Applications outside these dates will not be entertained.)

  1. Interested applicants are to send completed application*, either in paper form or electronically; and  applicable supporting  documentation  as follows:
  • Resume/ Recent photo ID
  • Copy of most recent academic records for undergraduate applicants (n/a for all others, but will be required to provide an echo seminar or continuing education to the general membership  of relevant topics or topic  for which scholarship was based on)
  • Two letters of recommendation (n/a for seminar/certification attendee applicant)
  • One full page or 150-word essay on, “ Sharing Knowledge Gained From Being a PNA of Tampa Bay Scholarship Recipient”
  • Statement or certification of financial  need
  1. The Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee  shall submit its findings and  recommendations to the Executive Board for approval  during a  meeting in the month of March or April.
  2. The Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee shall notify all  applicants in writing of the  decision made by the Executive Board concerning the result of his/her scholarship application.
  3. Chosen recipient/s will be  announced  in May during Nurses’ Week Celebration.  An undergraduate  or  post-licensure nursing seminar/ certification tuition reimbursement-seeking    recipient   may be awarded up to $500.00 per year (cost of attending  seminar or $500.00, whichever is less); graduate/post-graduate  student    may be awarded  up to $1000 per year (subject to applicant/individual merit and  budgeted scholarship monies for the year),  as approved by the PNA of Tampa Bay Executive Board).


*Previous recipients in good standing  may reapply  for another scholarship year.